The Digital Workplace – the enabling environment for information work

Today, information-related work constitutes the number one activity for any organization – both from a quantitative as well as from a qualitative perspective. And despite decades of investment in information technology, information and information work is still badly managed and a source of unparalleled waste in employee productivity.

This situation serves as the basis for an upcoming whitepaper about the “Digital Workplace” which I have been working on. It is to be published at the end of this month. While in layout and production, I want to share some previews into the content of the report.

The whitepaper makes a strong case for why we need to completely change our perspective when it comes to intranets and the many other tools and work practices we use when dealing with information. It does so by first establishing just how big today’s problems in information related work are and why current approaches don’t get to the root-causes of these problems. It goes on to describe the building blocks a Digital Workplace is made up of as well as to outline a number of key elements required for success (most of which are largely non-existent in current information systems like intranets et al.). This is followed by an extensive overview of the business benefits a Digital Workplace will bring to an organization and advice on how to get going into the right direction.

The report, which is titled “The Digital Workplace: Redefining Productivity in the Information Age” will be made available free of charge (as PDF).

The “preview” for the report will be made up of three parts:

  1. The scope of the Digital Workplace
  2. The giant problem the Digital Workplace addresses
  3. Building Blocks of the Digital Workplace

The first part will be published here towards the end of this week.

For further information and pre-registration please see: The Digital Workplace Report

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